War + Peace (Response to Writing Prompts 03.10.18)

The war of words – papagandah
The meaning of those words – mother goose
Struggle to indemnify the costly belligerents
Mine is bigger than yours
And the band plays on
Stop the world I want to get off
Recent: the toupee vs. China’s lap dog or NK.
A mistake of subsequent demise. who’ll come on top of the roulette wheel to be seen on the market

By Bob














Explanation – The brain (or mind and its conscience by-product) is like a plant (or a field of plants), branching, budding, capable of infinite thoughts, deviations, and mutations. Either way, they are generally expressed in terms of words, phrases, and entendres. From there, logic meets illogic, rational…irrational. And it is all contained in one space, enclosed. That can be debilitating. The effect being awful, or distasteful even. Scary. Hence, gestalt and droste. We are none of us exempt. When we take the time to review the underlying, we are apt to find the more. Imagery. Allusion.

By Stephen Newell

how you harness courage

How you harness courage, bridled not by fear,
embodies what we ought to
when reservation’s near.

How you harness courage, amidst uncertainty,
leaves impotent life’s shackles
that otherwise’d not be.

How you harness courage, the like few dare to wield,
forges fervent wonder
in those inclined to yield.

How you harness courage, ne’er grappling to keep hold,
attracts a band of others
who long to be as bold.

How you harness courage, abreast of life’s design,
restores the faith of others
who once resolved resign.

How you harness courage, heroic talent taught—
or is it merely human—
something that we ought?

How you harness courage, never will it show—
humbles those who fumble,
fumbles those who know.

How you harness courage, albeit somewhat unknown,
bears the likeness of a life
where seeds have best been sown.

How you harness courage, not at all by strife,
evokes the highest standards
at which to live one’s life.

By Stephen Newell

al tres

al tres

had no shame
by design

just a moment
a shared space
such peace

t’is not religion
t’is salvation
a gesture


parody still
ironic, yes
a great reveal
the rest

By Stephen Newell

Ode to Gaia and Prometheus (inspired by Ayn Rand’s Anthem)

I was a Byzantine prince.
Son of several bloodlines.
Birthed by the celestial guardians.
Awakened by His kiss.

We are the conquerors
Of empires,
Born of darkness,
Born of light.
We are the misunderstood,
The seekers.
We are the first and last
In flight.

My people?
My burden.
My torture.
My fear.

I have spent a lifetime
Looming, bob and cock,
A tapestry of “we’ve been,”
Declaring each discrepancy
In our knowledge.
A shepherd to his flock.

Thetan, primordial,
Ethereal, and of flesh,
I was a Byzantine prince.
Son of several bloodlines,
And principally, Her best.

By Stephen Newell

H (poem)


hedonic helot,
hapless hankerer,
hunting halcyon highs,
hither hungry
harlots hoist,

haggled haleness?
hemal hostage hosts!
hap holocaustic hazings;
hinder heady hopes.

hardknock hails hereafter,
harassing heavy hearts.
hedonic helot,
hapless hankerer,
hunting hellion,


The Unique Austin Weather

Austin Januarys are moderate warmths but on the lower end of its spectrum with treacherous lows cold enough that cold this contest win.

Austin Februarys are teasers of warmth, but sometimes a rebel coup of Mr. cold and Ms. cool nights and days will tame those who are too bold with short pants, thin shirts, and thin skirts. And this is the month Mr. Freeze visits to tease, where sunny days often let you down.

Austin March starts a sincere warming trend very favorable in highs and lows make you feel sure spring will begin and stay to chase your blues away.

Austin April has signed a contract to bring only the most deliciously comfortable temperatures that life has seen.

Austin May gives a hint of steamy events yet to come where thereafter being. hot will be held in retention and be the number one affliction.

Austin June and July is when the heat hits the fan, something you’d better have on hand or cancel your plans!

Austin August places you in the heat of the heat and this month is only neat if your genetics love the hottest of the heat.

Austin September is the month that attempts to rescue you from the hottest heat – but you still will need to arrange a few cool treats to make it through this restrained heat.

Austin October signs the grandest songs of warm days and comfortable walks in the night – where going out for entertainment is the best of fun, where fun is at its highest heights.

Austin November has moderated the heat with a few nights of cool air mixed with warm to bestow a hint that summer is not forever, and that warmth is not always the weather’s intent.

Austin December will tame your willful shame to imagine that Austin summer is forever. A feeling kept in vain when Mr. cool then Mr. cold aims to rule the nights in December.

Writing Prompts 02.24.18

30. Shopping: Write about your shopping wishlist and how you like to spend money.

31. The Professor: Write about a teacher that has influenced you.

33. Jewelry: Write about a piece of jewelry. Who does it belong to?