I’ll be away from this place someday.

I step into the morning, Blue Sky shining the full moon still up

bright and beautiful. I walk away to escape the smell and think to myself someday.

The Shining Giants are beautiful in their Majesty. Glass and Metal reflect the day. The Omni Tower with its plants on top and I wonder what up there. Maybe I’ll see it someday.

It’s Saturday a day for mowing yards, cleaning house, family and friends, maybe someday.

I think of ways to occupy my day so I’m not here surrounded by homelessness, poverty, addiction and suffering. perhaps someday.

Bright hope filled faces appear in cars and trucks. People teaching their children charity and love trying to make a difference someday.

They pass out blankets and food to the huddled masses in need, who retrieve it and keep dreaming of someday.

I have to walk away from this place if just for a while. Waiting desperately for the day I don’t have to come back. Hopefully someday.

I’ll have a place all my own something small, nothing big and a garden With flowers, someday.

There will enough room for me and a dog, Or a cat maybe a fish, something that loves me always but that’s someday.

I’d like a car nothing fancy or a truck, something cheap, and I could drive to the store Maybe someday.

My daughter will come visit with my grandson and be proud of me someday.

So I’ll keep doing my best. I’ll stay safe and Keep Hope as I head back to the shelter waiting for some day


You’re not supposed to follow the balloons as they float by, but why? Time keeps moving on regardless. What does it hurt to take a moment out of my busy day. Why shouldn’t I step out of my routine and discomfort and explore something excitingly new. Chasing the unknown. I can Step off the sweltering sidewalk and onto the grass. Escaping The Heat 2 Climb a fence and run across a Green Meadow filled with flowers who lift their sunshine faces and wave from their rootbound existence as the wind ripples down the slope that leads 2 a crystal clear stream. The water, bubbling laughter , rushes over the Pebbles making swirls as it pushes its way past little fish whose tails sway frantically trying to keep their place. but why?

Why not just float Downstream and enjoy the view? All around are Green Banks and canopies of beautiful trees that seemed to go on forever. The trees roots stretch out into the depths in search of the next drink. Sucking in life. Feeding strong steadfast trunks where frivolous fluffy tailed squirrels with inquisitive eyes race frantically Across rough bark 2 lofty branches with leaves of deepest green. Each Supports nests filled with young Birds ready for they’re maiden flight on trembling wings. They launch into a sky filled with morning the color of rainbows and puffy clouds full of fantasy. Flying swiftly they wield their power and grace on the exuberant wind as they play,

with balloons.

By Linda Jackson

American Dream

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining. The air seems relaxed, happy. It’s fall and the leaves are turning, one of the rare days in Texas when the heat has taken a vacation, yet the sun and blue skies have stayed to play.
There are boys in the street playing ball. The picture of every American Dream. Until you look closer. Expanding your view. There are blankets and sleeping bags, boxes and backpacks lining the crowded streets. It’s a scene of homelessness, addiction, poverty and need.
Why do you shake your head and turn away? We are not worthless. Why must we be lost? So easily discarded by those who have no stomach for the reality of how fragile social station, mental health, and Financial Security can be.
We don’t need pity. We need a chance, understanding and purpose. Some need jobs others need treatment, we all need housing anyone could afford.
We are stronger than you could imagine. Our skin grows thicker as we acclimate to our environment. We have something inside of us that won’t allow us to give up. We can’t quit or we would lay down and die. We are at the bottom crawling our way up. Trying to survive Against All Odds
Some choose handcuffs and three meals a day with a bed you can’t get kicked out of, when times get too hard. Some don’t make it, but it makes us stronger when a friend lies down next to us, gives up and dies.
Could you survive it? Could you break through your discomfort? Could you stand next to us and play ball in the street. Finding comfort and joy in the warmth of a beautiful autumn day. A day when the sun is shining, the air seems relaxed and happy, when the fall leaves are turning. On a rare day when the Texas heat is on vacation yet the Sun and blue skies has stayed to play.

By Linda Jackson


You see me but don’t know my name
I played music for you and you smiled
When I danced in the sun to a song heard in my head
You wished you could dance for a while
I spoke to you once on the sidewalk
You were gracious, compassionate, and kind
I was asleep on the ground and it was your shoes I saw
When your blanket covered me before passing by
You see me and in your heart know
Not all who wander are lost

I see you as you stop at the corner
You lock your doors and avert your face
When I pass you on the sidewalk with a smile
And good day it’s your fear that turns you away
I saw the look of disgust on your face
As I danced in the warm spring rain
You shook your head in pity as I fed the birds
What little I had to share that day
I see you and am filled with compassion
Because I know it is you that lost your way

By Linda Jackson