Untitled (Response to Writing Prompt 08.02.19)

One day I was in the barn and I heard some clucking. I decided to check on the hens nest that I had put a goose egg in,because I wanted the chicken to hatch out a goose egg. I went to the nest to see if it had hatched. the little goose had indeed hatched out. The next morning I went to the barn and to my surprise the hen was down on the ground with all the little chicks and the 1 goose hatchling. I noticed the little goose didn’t understand the hens scooping up water in hwr beak to receive the water that was in a small puddle on the ground. I decided to come back later and check on the goose to see if it had learned to drink the water. the little gooseling was clueless. so, I caught the little goose and took her to my bedroom. I let her go, but then I decided that was not a good idea because the goose would use thw bathroom in floor of the room. I decided to look outside and find something to keep her in until she was big enough to be with the other 2 geese. I found a small 3 foot round swimming pool. I put her in it and then I showed her how to scoop up the water. Quite a few months went by ,she grew quite a lot, and the time came to set her free with the other 2 geese. I took her outside near the other 2 geese and i put her down. She did not join them and I did not know why? I tried to run away back into the room but she ran ran closely behind me. I decided to wait until dark and trick her into staying with the other 2. I had her follow me close to the other 2 and then when she wasn’t looking I ran to my room and then when I peeked out the door to see if she was there and she wasn’t. She was still close to the other 2.

By Caroline Jones
Writing Prompts 08.02.19


trouble looms as the bullshitters gloom
beneath the heavy skin
haste makes way today as the doogooders play
the skin now pulls from the attic
the skys turn grey as the atmosphere relays
a singing smell of crispy fibers
emotions float through smoke of bullshitters at bay
spacecadets say the evil will not delay the desinagration
almost done with the completetion of evolution
death will not be delayed as all evil has concluded
the existance of the bullshitters.

By Caroline Jones

Manners – Please and Thank You (Writing Prompt 05.17.19)

Will you please tell me when things are going to get to a normal function? Right now businesses are closing, people are moving out of their houses and homes and their bank accounts are showing that there is no money in their accounts. Please tell me what they should do. Please tell me that there is a free place for them to live until things get back to normal. Yes, there is a place in Austin, Texas called the ARCH. It is completely free – free food, free showers, a free place to sleep at night. Please tell me they will help me get my life back in order. Yes, they will help me with money, food, and rent. Please tell me they have an emergency clinic that’s free if I am sick. Yes, they do. Please tell me they care. Yes, they care. Please tell me I can bring my pet. Yes, you can bring your pet and they will tell you how to get him veterinary care and they will tell you how you can arrange your new way of life so he can go with you everywhere. Please tell me there is free food for my pet to eat. Yes, there’s free food for you and your pet at the ARCH as well as a truck that will bring you both meals 3 times a day that pulls up along the curb outside the ARCH where you can both stay. Thank you for all this information. I believe I will make my way to Austin, Texas to stay at the ARCH. Thank you.

By Caroline Jones

What is Love (Writing Prompt 06.07.19)

Pure love is a feeling of total satisfaction in real life. It is the one essential ingredient of life that’s really important in my life. Evil is not able to obtain it. It always escapes for them to feel it. Yes, they look for pure love, but they say it’s just not there. Yes, evil not she same as life. Life will always love because it’s a part of life and not a part of death or evil. The Truth.

By Caroline Jones
writing Prompt 06.07.19

Scents I Love (Writing Prompt 05.10.19)

I love the scent of burning candles. They come in different colors and different fragrances. The vanilla reminds me of home-made cookies. The peach reminds me of eating those delicious, fresh, ripe peaches. The mint clears my airways. The cinnamon reminds me of when I used to buy cinnamon sticks I got from a girl in the 6th grade. I would chomp on them until all the fiery hot cinnamon was gone. The rose candle reminds me of how roses smell when they are in full bloom. The pine candle reminds me of Chanukah and having a fresh pine tree in the house to celebrate with the whole family. The potpourri candle reminds me that, for now, I should only smell one scent in a candle at a time. I am not able to smell the cherry candle very well. The cherry smell in faint to me. The pumpkin candle smells like I could eat the whole pumpkin pie if it was before me. Yum! The strawberry candle is soothing to me. The lemon candle is a light-airy type of smell with a fresh scent of lemon. I think though, my favorite candle scent is the rose scented one.

By Caroline Jones


I have had a few different kinds of dogs. I have had Poodles – the miniature ones, a Saint Bernard, Dobermans, a Kuvasz, a Pitbull, German Shepherds, Blue Heelers, border Collies, a Siberian Husky, a butterfly dog (Papillon), Chihuahuas, Miniatures, and a few mixes.

I enjoy their company, comradery (friendship), and their pure love. Their loyalty is also outstanding. I look forward to getting another dog soon. Most of the dogs I’ve had went through some kind of obedience training. They all graduated except one little blue heeler who had to go to 2 different obedience schools because he bit the instructor at the 1st obedient school nd we were kicked out. In the 2nd obedience school, he graduated with honors.

Overall, I purely love dogs and enjoy them greatly. They are great pets to have.

Untitled (Response to Writing Prompts 12.07.18)

The beach was bare
No water anywhere
When all of a sudden
The waves were hudden
The horses were clairing at the sand that was merking
The horses’ pace quickened
Sand flying from the hooves released
The horses’ bodies lifted above the clearance of the piece of ocean that was coming under hoof
Then, all of a sudden, the waves left
The horses slowed and the beach was bare

By Caroline Jones

The Fair (Response to “Writing Prompts 11/23/18”)

The streets were empty
It’s 4am
The fair is needy
It’s 5am
The people are speedy
Setting up the case of jewelry
Knowingly the candy lollipops are laid out neatly
To lollygagging on completely
The baseball caps are hung sparingly
For the fair requires unrelyingly
The shirts require your attention
For your dollar submission
The boots are shown
With great unknown
About how they were handmade to perfection
The hologram was
designed to unrealization
The purses were sewn
with pure realization
of clarification of their utilization
The fishes’ clothes were made to fit beyond personalization

The people walked to the tune of the beam of sound from the bands playing in the room

The hotdogs demand complete digestion for the fair’s satisfaction

By Caroline Jones