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One day I was in the barn and I heard some clucking. I decided to check on the hens nest that I had put a goose egg in,because I wanted the chicken to hatch out a goose egg. I went to the nest to see if it had hatched. the little goose had indeed hatched out. The next morning I went to the barn and to my surprise the hen was down on the ground with all the little chicks and the 1 goose hatchling. I noticed the little goose didn’t understand the hens scooping up water in hwr beak to receive the water that was in a small puddle on the ground. I decided to come back later and check on the goose to see if it had learned to drink the water. the little gooseling was clueless. so, I caught the little goose and took her to my bedroom. I let her go, but then I decided that was not a good idea because the goose would use thw bathroom in floor of the room. I decided to look outside and find something to keep her in until she was big enough to be with the other 2 geese. I found a small 3 foot round swimming pool. I put her in it and then I showed her how to scoop up the water. Quite a few months went by ,she grew quite a lot, and the time came to set her free with the other 2 geese. I took her outside near the other 2 geese and i put her down. She did not join them and I did not know why? I tried to run away back into the room but she ran ran closely behind me. I decided to wait until dark and trick her into staying with the other 2. I had her follow me close to the other 2 and then when she wasn’t looking I ran to my room and then when I peeked out the door to see if she was there and she wasn’t. She was still close to the other 2.

By Caroline Jones
Writing Prompts 08.02.19

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