The homeless standing next to a store
Should silence his voice and carry a cig, but nothing more
Which says “homeless wish”
Then naming the item held little right down to the dish
But it’s more than fair to just ignore his plea and his wish
If you have no extra monies you want to share to provide his dish
Because any help a single person might give
Is sure to comfort, but not enable him to live with any real stability
All that individuals can give is a bandaid over his gushing wound
so that he does not bleed to death much too soon
And before the Calvary arrives – an organization for that purpose
Which has mobilized to offer more than a comforting effort
And from the start has the reliable smarts
To place humanity back on it’s feet
Having the efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability
By which to complete the feat
Although “we keep waiting on the world to change”
So that, that capability is within the range
Of humanistic hands.

By Leonardo Da Vinci E.

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