Manners – Please and Thank You (Writing Prompt 05.17.19)

Will you please tell me when things are going to get to a normal function? Right now businesses are closing, people are moving out of their houses and homes and their bank accounts are showing that there is no money in their accounts. Please tell me what they should do. Please tell me that there is a free place for them to live until things get back to normal. Yes, there is a place in Austin, Texas called the ARCH. It is completely free – free food, free showers, a free place to sleep at night. Please tell me they will help me get my life back in order. Yes, they will help me with money, food, and rent. Please tell me they have an emergency clinic that’s free if I am sick. Yes, they do. Please tell me they care. Yes, they care. Please tell me I can bring my pet. Yes, you can bring your pet and they will tell you how to get him veterinary care and they will tell you how you can arrange your new way of life so he can go with you everywhere. Please tell me there is free food for my pet to eat. Yes, there’s free food for you and your pet at the ARCH as well as a truck that will bring you both meals 3 times a day that pulls up along the curb outside the ARCH where you can both stay. Thank you for all this information. I believe I will make my way to Austin, Texas to stay at the ARCH. Thank you.

By Caroline Jones

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