Scents I Love (Writing Prompt 05.10.19)

I love the scent of burning candles. They come in different colors and different fragrances. The vanilla reminds me of home-made cookies. The peach reminds me of eating those delicious, fresh, ripe peaches. The mint clears my airways. The cinnamon reminds me of when I used to buy cinnamon sticks I got from a girl in the 6th grade. I would chomp on them until all the fiery hot cinnamon was gone. The rose candle reminds me of how roses smell when they are in full bloom. The pine candle reminds me of Chanukah and having a fresh pine tree in the house to celebrate with the whole family. The potpourri candle reminds me that, for now, I should only smell one scent in a candle at a time. I am not able to smell the cherry candle very well. The cherry smell in faint to me. The pumpkin candle smells like I could eat the whole pumpkin pie if it was before me. Yum! The strawberry candle is soothing to me. The lemon candle is a light-airy type of smell with a fresh scent of lemon. I think though, my favorite candle scent is the rose scented one.

By Caroline Jones

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