I’ll be away from this place someday.

I step into the morning, Blue Sky shining the full moon still up

bright and beautiful. I walk away to escape the smell and think to myself someday.

The Shining Giants are beautiful in their Majesty. Glass and Metal reflect the day. The Omni Tower with its plants on top and I wonder what up there. Maybe I’ll see it someday.

It’s Saturday a day for mowing yards, cleaning house, family and friends, maybe someday.

I think of ways to occupy my day so I’m not here surrounded by homelessness, poverty, addiction and suffering. perhaps someday.

Bright hope filled faces appear in cars and trucks. People teaching their children charity and love trying to make a difference someday.

They pass out blankets and food to the huddled masses in need, who retrieve it and keep dreaming of someday.

I have to walk away from this place if just for a while. Waiting desperately for the day I don’t have to come back. Hopefully someday.

I’ll have a place all my own something small, nothing big and a garden With flowers, someday.

There will enough room for me and a dog, Or a cat maybe a fish, something that loves me always but that’s someday.

I’d like a car nothing fancy or a truck, something cheap, and I could drive to the store Maybe someday.

My daughter will come visit with my grandson and be proud of me someday.

So I’ll keep doing my best. I’ll stay safe and Keep Hope as I head back to the shelter waiting for some day

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