The Streets Were Empty? (Response to “Writing Prompts 11/23/18”)

The streets were empty. Not even a single mouse was there. Was it because this was a ghost town? Or perhaps no one had been on those streets in a while because of bad weather conditions. Yes, they were empty until one brave young soul decided to walk one empty street, just to get to another empty street, followed by many more on his way to his destination. He found one lost soul. Both of them walked each street to find more and more lost souls. This one young brave soul was on a mission to find every lost soul before his 29th birthday. This mission began when he was only 5 years old. With all of those years, this one brave young soul had found over 3,000 lost souls – men, women, boys, girls, all waiting for someone to pass by and save them from the situations they were in. This one young brave soul did not stop at anything. He went through every obstacle to finish his mission.

By Jerameel Ortiz

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