Ode to Gaia and Prometheus (inspired by Ayn Rand’s Anthem)

I was a Byzantine prince.
Son of several bloodlines.
Birthed by the celestial guardians.
Awakened by His kiss.

We are the conquerors
Of empires,
Born of darkness,
Born of light.
We are the misunderstood,
The seekers.
We are the first and last
In flight.

My people?
My burden.
My torture.
My fear.

I have spent a lifetime
Looming, bob and cock,
A tapestry of “we’ve been,”
Declaring each discrepancy
In our knowledge.
A shepherd to his flock.

Thetan, primordial,
Ethereal, and of flesh,
I was a Byzantine prince.
Son of several bloodlines,
And principally, Her best.

By Stephen Newell

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