Writing Prompts 08.09.19

166. Fantasy: Write about fairies, gnomes, elves, or other mythical creatures.

167. Give and Receive: Write about giving and receiving.

168. Baker’s Dozen: Imagine the scents and sights of a bakery and write.

Untitled (Response to Writing Prompt 08.02.19)

One day I was in the barn and I heard some clucking. I decided to check on the hens nest that I had put a goose egg in,because I wanted the chicken to hatch out a goose egg. I went to the nest to see if it had hatched. the little goose had indeed hatched out. The next morning I went to the barn and to my surprise the hen was down on the ground with all the little chicks and the 1 goose hatchling. I noticed the little goose didn’t understand the hens scooping up water in hwr beak to receive the water that was in a small puddle on the ground. I decided to come back later and check on the goose to see if it had learned to drink the water. the little gooseling was clueless. so, I caught the little goose and took her to my bedroom. I let her go, but then I decided that was not a good idea because the goose would use thw bathroom in floor of the room. I decided to look outside and find something to keep her in until she was big enough to be with the other 2 geese. I found a small 3 foot round swimming pool. I put her in it and then I showed her how to scoop up the water. Quite a few months went by ,she grew quite a lot, and the time came to set her free with the other 2 geese. I took her outside near the other 2 geese and i put her down. She did not join them and I did not know why? I tried to run away back into the room but she ran ran closely behind me. I decided to wait until dark and trick her into staying with the other 2. I had her follow me close to the other 2 and then when she wasn’t looking I ran to my room and then when I peeked out the door to see if she was there and she wasn’t. She was still close to the other 2.

By Caroline Jones
Writing Prompts 08.02.19


trouble looms as the bullshitters gloom
beneath the heavy skin
haste makes way today as the doogooders play
the skin now pulls from the attic
the skys turn grey as the atmosphere relays
a singing smell of crispy fibers
emotions float through smoke of bullshitters at bay
spacecadets say the evil will not delay the desinagration
almost done with the completetion of evolution
death will not be delayed as all evil has concluded
the existance of the bullshitters.

By Caroline Jones

Set it Free (Response to Writing Prompts 08.02.19)

When I was about 8 years old, I gained a very unique pet. When playing in the creek behind my family home, I spotted a damp ball of fur curled up on the bank behind two larger rocks. I reached out two fingers and pressed into it. I jumped as this fluff ball let out a tiny roar. This kitten was not like any kitten I’d ever seen. It looked completely wild. A stray, I thought. Of course, I knew not to bring him home. Dad hated cats. This would have to be my secret. I hurried inside and raided the refrigorator for any meat I could find. I grabbed a couple slices of balogna and hurried toward the back door. Mom asked, “Are you getting yourself a snack?”. I silently nodded and ran back to my new friend. He was hungry. He swallowed the balogna without hardly chewing it. Every day after school, I rushed home to see my new friend. As I usually beat my parents home, I was able to quickly grad some sandwich meat before heading out to the creek. My friend got bigger quickly. It became clear that he was no ordinary cat. One evening, my mother mentioned to me that a neighbor had spotted a cougar near the creek. She told me I was not to play in the creek anymore until someone had shot and stuffed it. Panic set in. I rushed back out to the creek, but stopped dead in my tracks when I heard the unmistakable sound of my father’s rifle.

By Writing Prompts 08.02.19

Writing Prompts 08.02.19

163. Set it Free: Think of a time when you had to let someone or something go to be free…did they come back?

164: Left Out: Write about a time when you’ve felt left out or you’ve noticed someone else feeling as if they didn’t belong.

165. Suitcase: Write about packing for a trip or unpacking from when you arrive home.


The homeless standing next to a store
Should silence his voice and carry a cig, but nothing more
Which says “homeless wish”
Then naming the item held little right down to the dish
But it’s more than fair to just ignore his plea and his wish
If you have no extra monies you want to share to provide his dish
Because any help a single person might give
Is sure to comfort, but not enable him to live with any real stability
All that individuals can give is a bandaid over his gushing wound
so that he does not bleed to death much too soon
And before the Calvary arrives – an organization for that purpose
Which has mobilized to offer more than a comforting effort
And from the start has the reliable smarts
To place humanity back on it’s feet
Having the efficiency, flexibility, and adaptability
By which to complete the feat
Although “we keep waiting on the world to change”
So that, that capability is within the range
Of humanistic hands.

By Leonardo Da Vinci E.

Writing Prompts 07.26.19

Last Day on Earth – It’s the last day on Earth. What is ending life on Earth? What are you and others doing?

John runs in and exclaims…

Wandering through the woods at night, I came upon…

Writing Prompts 07.12.19

Color: Pick a color and write about it. How does it feel? What does it remind you of? Try to explain it to someone who has never seen it.

Super-hero Name: What is your super-hero name? How does it fit you? How do you use your powers to fight crime?

Eulogy: Write your own Eulogy. What do you hope people will remember you for?

Writing Prompts 06.14.19

160. Cliche: Choose a common cliche, then write something that says the same thing but without using the catch phrase.

161. Eco-friendly: Write about going green or an environmental concern you have.

162. Missing You: Write about someone you miss.

Manners – Please and Thank You (Writing Prompt 05.17.19)

Will you please tell me when things are going to get to a normal function? Right now businesses are closing, people are moving out of their houses and homes and their bank accounts are showing that there is no money in their accounts. Please tell me what they should do. Please tell me that there is a free place for them to live until things get back to normal. Yes, there is a place in Austin, Texas called the ARCH. It is completely free – free food, free showers, a free place to sleep at night. Please tell me they will help me get my life back in order. Yes, they will help me with money, food, and rent. Please tell me they have an emergency clinic that’s free if I am sick. Yes, they do. Please tell me they care. Yes, they care. Please tell me I can bring my pet. Yes, you can bring your pet and they will tell you how to get him veterinary care and they will tell you how you can arrange your new way of life so he can go with you everywhere. Please tell me there is free food for my pet to eat. Yes, there’s free food for you and your pet at the ARCH as well as a truck that will bring you both meals 3 times a day that pulls up along the curb outside the ARCH where you can both stay. Thank you for all this information. I believe I will make my way to Austin, Texas to stay at the ARCH. Thank you.

By Caroline Jones